Hodges v. Armada

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Collection Agencies Lie About Bankruptcy

I have received more and more complaints from consumers about collection agencies trying to collect on discharged debt, particularly debt that has been discharged in bankruptcy. There are some really important things to know about bankruptcy and the collection of discharged debt.

First, if you filed for bankruptcy before October 2005, your debt was discharged whether or not it was listed in your bankruptcy. There is a very common mis-perception that all of your debt had to be listed in your bankruptcy to be discharged. Not so. If you filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and you had a “no asset” case, then all of your debt discharges whether or not it is listed in your bankruptcy petition. A no asset case is one in which the creditors received no money from the sale of your property. The vast majority of consumer bankruptcies are no asset cases. Your creditors will lie to you and tell you that any debts not listed in your bankruptcy did not discharge. This is false!

Second, you need to be sure that the collection agency knows about the bankruptcy. You need to send them written notice which contains you bankruptcy case number. The best thing to do is send them a copy of your bankruptcy discharge. If they ignore it, you will get money from them! I just helps a lady get money from a collection agency yesterday. The collection agency ignored the notice and continued to call her, and BINGO. Money in her pocket!

This is one of the debt elimination secrets I share with you in my protocol. You can have access to my
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Remove Negative Data from Your Credit Report

Repairing your credit report is essential to your financial health. You may have been the victim of identity theft, you may have a common name so you get other peoples information on your consumer report, or you might just be concerned about your reputation. For whatever reason, if you need to repair your credit report, you need to understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is the Federal Law Consumer Protection Law which helps Consumers in their quest for a better FICO score. After all, these days your Fair Isaac Score is your economic DNA.

Anytime you apply for credit, apply for insurance, or apply for a job, people make determinations about you based on your credit report. They determine what kind of person you are. If you have had credit problems, collections or liens against you, your consumer report will show these. If the information is accurate it can be very difficult to get it removed from your credit report.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act does lay out a procedure for getting erroneous data off of your credit report. You must follow the procedures spelled out in the FCRA. There are other methods of getting information off of your report as well. This involves a strategy involving the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other Consumer Protection Laws. If you know how to make all of the laws work together for you, you will have greater success. It is all part of a debt elimination system to help people with debt problems and credit problems. It is a rescue for consumers and debtors who are in financial trouble. It is called Legal Credit Cures.

Legal Credit Cures is my protocol for helping you through a financial meltdown. It shows you how to handle a foreclosure. It can help you with Student Loans. It can help with repossessions and credit card debt. In additions it also includes credit report repair. I have reviewed over a hundred programs that claim they help consumers with their financial trouble. Most of them only help the creators of the programs get rich. I have seen programs that cost $6,000.00. I have sued people who sell this garbage.

Legal Credit Cures is a solid protocol to help you with finances. It covers everything, even when to file for bankruptcy. If you end up filing for bankruptcy, you can rest assured that you have done everything you can before you file. Legal Credit Cures is the program that is truly honest with the consumer, and does not try to hype some obscure legal theory to make it work. It is based on your rights guaranteed by Federal Consumer Protection Law. The only reason you cannot tap into this power is because you don’t know about it. If you educate yourself, you will be able do battle with your creditors and come out ahead. Give it a try.
Legal Credit Cures